My passion for watches stems from my adolescence when my Grandfather gave me my first watch for my fourteenth birthday.

He himself owned this watch when he was very young and it accompanied him through most of the twentieth century before landing in my hands. This very watch started a hypnotic fascination within me and its story and perpetual vibration made it seem alive.

My mystic, almost metaphysical connection to this object has created a dynamism and creativity within me which drive my ambition. The more I learnt about watchmaking, the more my thirst for discovery intensified and this lead me to study Design. Obviously Design covers many areas other than watches, but the attraction towards watches remained anchored in my heart and soul.

After five years of in-depth study in the world of Design, I decided to live in the world renowned country of watches, Switzerland.

To begin my career, I worked in the two biggest watch design studios. My experiences enabled me to acquire not only fine skills but an irreproachable work ethic.

Furthermore, these studios, who work with the greatest watch design companies in the world, trusted me to present my creations to their clients and customers. Thus was born in me the desire and ambition to begin my own personal project.

My new adventure, full of hope and emotion, pays respect to the memory of my dear Grandfather, without whom none of this would be possible.

Therefore, in November 2017 I left Switzerland to make my own way, driven by my personal work ethic and my passion for creativity.

To symbolise the product of my own creation, there could only be one name: Gaia. Gaia, the goddess of creativity gave birth to all the others and is a perfect representation of creation. In my search for perfection, many doodles, sketches, designs and much research, have enabled me to bring together my ideas to create a product which seems perfect to me.

The culmination of these past months of work allows me to present to you the first Gaia & Co.collection.

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