Limited Edition, 300 pieces

introducing the French watch reinvented

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Inspired by old mechanical watches, Gaia & Co want to show-case French historical watches and their great history. Our neo-vintage approach demonstrates that Gaia & Co is the missing link between classic and modern watches.

Limited Edition

The Primavera collection is a limited series and an exclusive product. We will only produce 900 pieces in three colours: Azzura, Bianca and Nero, with 300 copies in each colour. Your watch will bear an engraving  from #001 to #300 on the case, ensuring its uniqueness. Each year a new collection, again in a limited series, will be created, bringing further prestige to the Gaia & Co brand.


This type of mechanism is now used by the biggest watch companies. Indeed their very conception proves their reliability, especially the Miyota Company which builds the most robust and precise automatic movement.

Assembled in France

To assemble our watches we have chosen French quality. Our preferred choice naturally went to Besancon, the cradle of the French watch making industry for nearly 3 centuries. Keeping to traditional craft, Gaia & Co watches are assembled by hand by watch makers with more than 70 Years experience.

French Leather

For our leather we chose to work with an French Family Company who hand make our straps using high quality leather. Our researcher chose a plant-based tanning process which offers high quality to Gaia & Co leather. The plant-based tanning process has the advantage of being anti-allergen and protects the leather more effectively.

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